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Even tho I am running on 3-4 hours of sleep, today was an awesome day! Its incredible how the smallest gesture can impact your entire viewpoint and I am always left in awe after the Lord shows His hand in my life. I am so grateful for the Gospel and all it does for me and for my friends and family. Here’s to livin’ the good life and recognizing the Lord’s loving influence! :) #lds #mormon #longgoodday #enjoyeachdayasifitwereyourlast #collegelife #USU #behappy #bestrong #beyou :)

This face is my own. It is a refelction of who I am and where I have been and what I have gone through to get to this point in my life. This face has grown with me. Its eyes have seen horrors and experienced tragedies many don’t ever experience in their lifetimes. This face has been through anger, betrayal, sorrow, love, and many others. This face has experienced anxiety attacks, depression, and the idea that I will never be good enough. You can’t see all that just looking at me… not anymore. Can you still see the pain or do you now see peace? I see peace and contentment in this woman’s face. Yes this face has been through terrible things but the woman in this photo has overcome it all. She finally loves herself and her life. She doesn’t allow society to bring her down and she loves the way she knows she has the strength to overcome any obstacle now because of what she has been through. Take a good look because she is also you. And you are her! Remember who you are and learn from the rough battles in your life because one day you could be her or you already are and you see yourself in her peace. Embrace it and go conquer the world! Serve those around you. Be kind to those you meet and help people feel loved because that is truly what this world needs! :)

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